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Ankle pain is a common problem, but it can worsen or cause complications when left untreated. At Montgomery Podiatry in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, the skilled podiatry team finds the root cause of ankle pain to properly treat it and ease the discomfort. Call the office to schedule an evaluation, or use the online booking feature today. 

Ankle Pain Q&A

What is ankle pain?

Ankle pain is an uncomfortable feeling in the joint that connects your foot to your lower leg. The joint consists of bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Numerous conditions and injuries can contribute to ankle pain, but effective treatments are within reach with the help of the Montgomery Podiatry experts.

What does it feel like to have ankle pain?

Ankle discomfort or its cause might present as:

  • Dull aching
  • Intense pain
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Reduced mobility
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Weakness
  • Warmth
  • Redness
  • Bruising

Ankle pain may be mild and go away after simply resting the joint, or extreme and debilitating when left untreated. 

What are the risk factors for ankle pain?

The risk factors for ankle pain include carrying excess body weight, poor strength or flexibility, older age, sports injuries, falls, and other injuries. You might have an ankle sprain, arthritis, Achilles tendonitis, fractures, or other common ankle problems that contribute to discomfort. 

Ways to reduce your chance of ankle pain include wearing comfortable footwear, training and stretching properly, wearing a brace if needed, and maintaining an ideal body weight. Plus, avoid walking on uneven surfaces.

How is the cause of ankle pain diagnosed?

The Montgomery Podiatry team diagnoses the source of ankle pain after asking about your symptoms and medical history, examining your ankle joint, and ordering blood tests or imaging procedures — such as X-rays, an ultrasound, or an MRI.

How is ankle pain treated?

Your Montgomery Podiatry specialist may recommend one or more treatments to relieve ankle discomfort. They might suggest icing the affected ankle, resting it, wearing a brace, or undergoing physical therapy. 

Train and stretch properly, wear comfortable shoes, and take medications if your provider asks you to. Other treatments for ankle injuries include regenerative medicine and surgery to restore damaged tissues. 

Regenerative medicine uses amniotic injections to stimulate cell regeneration with minimal patient downtime.

Your provider customizes each ankle pain treatment to ensure superior healing results, strengthen the affected joint, reduce pain, and lessen the chance of further injury.

To get treated for ankle pain, call the Montgomery Podiatry office or use the online booking feature today.